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January 5, 2018
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May 4, 2018

Father: What do you want to become in future?

Daughter: I want to become a Doctor!

What is wrong with this discussion? Well, the question itself. Human beings are social animal, we tend to follow the trails of another human. This is one of the most popular questions often asked to children. The question itself leads to answer a self-thinking paradox and most times it ends up with a profession like engineer, doctor, lawyer or even politician. It fails to lead children to a “sense of purpose” . It fails to question their purpose of existence in this world.

However if the question is modified to “What do you want to do for our society/community/humanity in future?”, it changes everything. This inquisition will make them realize that they have to do something for the society. It will make them think about others rather than themselves. Now the answers you get will be different.

“I want to help the needy”,

“I want to protect the country”

“I want to save lives”.

Plant the selflessness seed at an early age. This world is filled with  lots of hate, selfish and greed. Children can change it. Today innovations are at its peak than ever. SpaceX is building a mission to move people to Mars. This is all about continuum of humanity.Make them realize their “Sense of Purpose” before its too late. Ask them the right questions!


What do you advice you children the most, “Do NOT cheat anyone, be loyal.. blah blah”


If you are teaching or I should say lecturing your kids why not to cheat and do good to others, think again. What is the difference between humans and all other species? Here are some of the fallacies around this:

“Humans can think, other species cannot?” – Really? Ravens or Crows have higher IQ than many humans.

“Humans have the 5th sense i.e feelings, others don’t” – This is insane, ask your pet lovers about this

“Humans evolve” – Animals and other species evolve too, Scientists are discovering 100’s of new species every single day.

So what is the real difference? Humans can imagine and their survival instinct is  “Thandiram” or TRICKS. Humans are the only species capable of this. Humans tricked dogs to guard them, elephants, bulls to work from them and even tamed the ferocious lion for entertainment. The problem arises when humans start tricking other humans. Cheating is a part of human psychology. Kids as young as 2 years old learn how to trick and cheat. So teaching them not to cheat or trick is just inhumane and doesn’t make sense.

I am not asking you to teach your kids how to cheat, we don’t have to do that. The right thing to do is teach them how not to get cheated, the defending mechanism. Its a controversial debate, but from experience you will eventually come to a conclusion that being cheated is worst than cheating. Teach them the right thing.

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